Women and Gender Studies (WGS) is an interdisciplinary field that grew out of the recognition that the experience and potential of over half the world’s population has real consequences for academic study and teaching, research and scholarship. By considering women – both as subjects of inquiry and as inquiring subjects – we have discovered new ways of thinking about gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and their intersections in political, economic and social life. The minor consists of core units and elective courses in many disciplines, for a total of 21credit hours (minimum).

A minor in Women and Gender Studies presents students with the following: past and present scholarship on women, a methodology which treats the experience of all genders as equal in value and scholarly importance, and opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary research in women and gender studies.

The objectives of the women’s studies minor include: offering a place to study the experiences and contributions of women, to understand the diversity of perspectives, to analyze the causes and consequences of gender hierarchies in society and to prepare students to contribute knowledgeably to the contemporary discourse on women and gender relations in glob a communities, to make connections between academic learning and one’s own life experience, and to learn about the contributions of women in their varied social and cultural roles in the United States and the world.

By strengthening critical thinking skills and understanding of issues related to gender and social justice students will:enhance their appreciation for diversity and discover the deep, (interdisciplinary) connections among academic disciplines, gain a greater sense of their own personal worth and their connectedness with women albeit tempered by an appreciation of the diversity of women’s experience, and appreciate the value of their relationships with other people.

If you are interested in more information about the Women and Gender Studies Minor, please contact Dr. Emma Bailey (emma.bailey@wnmu.edu) or Dr. Lydia Huerta (lydia.huerta@wnmu.edu), call (575) 538-6634, or visit WNMU’s Social Sciences and Cultural Studies Department. 


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