These are some of the events we are planning for the Fall:

  • Open Mic Night every Monday from 8-10pm.
  • February 14th: One Billion Rising
  • February 20th: 50 Shades of Gender
    • We will discuss 50 Shades of Gray and fetishes. If you are curious or have questions, come join us!
  • February 27th: Sex and Video Games

    • How are these related? How to video games influence our ideas of sex and gender?
  • March 2nd: Sex and Power 
    • A special discussion in honor of Sex Week (March 2-6), we will discuss how power influences gender and sex.
  • March 27th: Gender and History

    • A discussion about how gender has been perceived throught the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • April 24th: Gender and Family
    • A discussion about how our families play a role in supporting who we are and how to talk to them about gender.

If you would like to see other types of events at The Center, please let us know: