Representation in the Media and Government

When thinking about women in the media, it is easy to immediately jump to the recent surge of strong female characters. From Katniss in The Hunger Games to Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, there are undoubtedly a few strong women kicking ass at the box office. Despite this, there are not enough female characters at all to argue there are enough strong ones.

According to the Hollywood Diversity Report only 25% of films made in 2013 featured female leads. 6% of films were directed by women, with 13% writing them. With so few women creating characters, it is no wonder that there are so few female leads. When examining the role of minorities in movies, the numbers become even more disturbing. Over 80% of writers, directors, and lead actors in 2013 were white. The lack of diversity does not stop in Hollywood.

White men make up about 31% of the US population, and yet hold 65% of all elected offices. The lack of representation in the media may be upsetting, but the lack of representation where decisions are being made represents a genuine problem. If the people serving and controlling us do not represent us, then how can they know how to serve our needs? There needs to be greater diversity in the positions of power in this country, so that there can be greater representation when decisions are being made. It is time for diversity to stop being the exception and become the rule.

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